Cortez Fishing Festival and Openings in March

We are quickly getting through February 2017 and it sure is a nice year for spending time on the island. Sometimes February can be downright cold, but this year, like last year, we are seeing perfect temperatures. Not too hot and not cold! And the island breeze has yet to die down!

Today is the Cortez Fishing Festival! Cortez is a little fishing village just off the island (a short maybe two to three minute drive from the Pelican Post) where you can get fresh caught fish and enjoy perusing the outdoor fresh market! Every year the festival draws more and more people – locals and those who travel to come out specifically for the market and fresh fish! This year is no different! The Festival began early in the morning and the crowd is still growing as the day goes on! And what a pleasant day for it as well! The sun is behind the clouds but it is warm out. A little island breeze makes it way inland and what a beautiful day it makes for the festival!

February is sure to continue on with wonderful weather making its way into March! We still have a few openings available in both February and March time and I recommend calling us at: 941-778-2833 if you are looking for a last minute reservation. If we have the space available we’d love to have you down for a visit. Calling us is the surest way to see if there is anything available during the time you might like to visit. Online is not currently accepting one or two night stays – even though we might have the space for just a one or two night stay! So please, give us a call and see if we have availability. We also have a cancellation list started and would be more than happy to add your name and number to the list in case there is a last minute opening for dates you might be interested in. It is always worth a try! So even if you think you’ve left it last minute- you never know!

We have seen so many familiar faces this year already and have been extremely excited and happy to catch up with each of you! We are looking to forward to seeing more familiar faces during the back half of February and also during March time! It is always so nice to catch up with our repeat guests and see what they have been up to throughout the time we haven’t seen them. We have also enjoyed meeting several new people and families as they’ve come to stay for the first time this year and are looking forward to when we will see them again! It is always amazing to watch family groups start coming to the Pelican Post and how the kids grow over the years! Definitely a special part of working in the Hospitality Industry!

For the regular crowd who are coming in March 2017 – Nicole will be out of the office during this month as she is due with her second baby the second week in March! She will miss each of you and hopes to catch a few of you at the end of March for a visit!!

We’ll close this blog post with a few things to note:

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Look out for another blog post sometime next month! See you then!