Some Updates!

Hi Pelican Post Lovers!

Season is in full swing! 🙂 Another lovely March on Anna Maria Island!

We’ve got some new features on the Island we wanted to let you know about! A couple of our guests shared with us that there is a lovely little Park called “Lou Barolo South Park” just down the way from us on Highland Avenue that has a “pickleball” court! Also a little playground for the kids to play on! This would be a great for families! There is also a pickleball community which is on Holmes Beach and up near Anna Maria to play with while you visit!

For a brief read on pickleball – please take a look at this website! It also has a video of pickleball in action!
Pickle Ball – A little history!

As we share with you guys before we have a couple guests who are amazing Authors! Two of them have just released books, so we thought we would link them below in case you’re looking for good reads!

Check out this compelling Autobiography Still Ramblin’ by Jim Beatty

Jim Beatty, one of the greatest – and sweetest sounding – clarinetists in the history of American traditional jazz music, tells his story in this compelling memoir of his life and the times he lived through. Still Rambln’ is the iconic musician in his own words, “unplugged,” recounting the highs and lows of the musical career that took him from the bars of New York City to Royal audiences in Europe.

And then wait NO more for the final installment in the Gary Chesla zombie series – Infection Z: Book 3 The Final Stand.

oc Kennedy, Petty Officer Chervanak, Seamen Davis and Rogers had been searching for signs of life ever since they arrived at Granite Mountain. After a long operation, they had only managed to find two girls and a dog (Abbey, Fran and Snoop) near Stone Idaho.
With a little communication’s wizardry, Marine Captain Byron and a few of his men, along with the small group they had discovered living near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, (Tony, Mike, Linda, four year old Jamie and her cat, George) had found Doc and his group and joined up with them at Granite Mountain.
Despite these two small successes, it had been a long and frustrating effort.
Despite everything they had done to try and find other survivors, they had finally resigned themselves to the idea that they were the only people to have survived the Z Virus.

Also for those of you who let us know that the live beach cam was down – it is now viewable once again! 🙂 Check it out! A beautiful day today on the island! 🙂