Hello Web Friends!

We’ve been very fortunate here on Anna Maria Island these last few months…

Florida has had a rough 2018 in general!

We have been lucky enough to have only seen minor red tide on the island (which has been gone for weeks now) –

Karenia Brevis, or red tide,  is a naturally occurring microscopic algae (a plant like organism) which produces a toxin that can affect the central nervous system of marine life such as birds, fish and other animals. It can also affect humans but is not deadly. (People can swim in red tide but it can cause skin irritation and burning eyes as well as coughing and sneezing).  K. Brevis at high concentrations discolor the water and may turn it red, light or dark green or even brown.

Normally, red tide lasts for a few days, weeks or months it does change day to day due to wind conditions and water currents.

For those South of us still seeing the affects of the red tide, we feel terrible and hope that it subsides soon and you are able to enjoy the beaches and water again soon.


Another event we can’t forget to mention which has just happened within the last two days –  we have been very fortunate to have avoided any damage or direct impact from Hurricane Michael.

For those of you who haven’t followed the storm – Hurricane Michael more or less came out of nowhere – there was barely any news coverage until it became a threat. Hurricane Michael ended up skirting around Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico gaining strength before making a direct landfall in the Panhandle of Florida as a very high end Category 4 Storm with Sustained winds of 155 miles per hour. For those of you not familiar with the Saffir-Simpson scale of measuring Hurricanes – Sustained winds of 156mph would have made this storm a Category 5.

As the news pours in today – it appears this storm has caused widespread destruction and has decimated several coastal towns in the Panhandle. Hurricane Michael is being reported as the 3rd Worst Storm in History. (It was also being reported before it made landfall that Hurricane Michael was the strongest storm to hit the Panhandle of Florida in more than a century.

We are very thankful for Hurricane Michael sparing us, but feel very sad for those who have been affected. I cannot imagine coming to Anna Maria Island and seeing widespread destruction – or a very real reality for some – nothing at all where something once stood.

Our hearts go out to all of those affected… #FloridaStrong

— Pelican Post Motel